Jacob Williamson Portrait

About Me

Hi, I’m Jacob Williamson, and I run the website jacobwilliamsondesign.com. I’ve been a professional graphic designer since 2012, where I’ve mainly focused on logo design and brand identity. This website serves as my portfolio as well as a blog, where I can share tips, tutorials, and inspiration.

I’ve always been interested in graphic design since high school art class, where my art teacher first introduced me to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I later decided to enroll at the Art Institute, where I received my degree in Graphic Design. I’ve been helping a diverse range of clients from all over the world as a freelance graphic designer. Furthermore, I’ve also worked at a design firm where I honed my skills working with charities, and local businesses.

Design isn’t just a job for me, I’ve always been passionate about logos and graphics. When I was growing up I was engrossed with all these different rock bands and skateboard companies, and would doodle their logos constantly on my schoolwork, not knowing how it was going to shape my future. Now I get to use my skills to provide unique, quality design services to my clients.


Hobbies & Interest

  • My Faith in Jesus Christ is the guiding principle in my life.
  • I love the great outdoors, and enjoy fishing as much as I can.
  • I am an avid PC gamer, mostly FPS.
  • I think crypto & defi is legit technology that change the future for the better.
  • I love my dogs